Jill Hogan's Pet Sitting
​​Choosing a pet sitter can be very confusing. Let me Help in that decision. 

To be a Professional Pet Sitter it takes more than just loving animals and wanting to make a few extra buck on the side.  

It takes commitment, education, and training. It takes a level of maturity and responsibility to be ready to handle both the expected and unexpected situations that occure in the life of an animal. You will find that professional pet sitters will be able to prove they are registered as a legal business, bonded, and insured.   

Pet Sitting is an industry built on trust and reliability. Professional Pet Sitters live by a code of conduct and ethics that are required to belong to Pet Sitter Associations and the Better Business Bureau.  And we will meet with you to assure that we are able to provide the care you desire for your pets and your home.  After all "Your Pets Matter".

"The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love
are dogs and infants"
                                                        Johnny Deep

Let Me Introduce Myself

Growing up, I had the usual dogs and cats that most families have.  My parents helped nurture my love for animals by allowing me to care for hamsters, goldfish and aquariums, turtles, tadpoles, frogs, and birds.  I have continued caring for my own furry companions throughout my adult life.​​

In 1992 I began working at a Humane Society in Florida, starting as a kennel technician and quickly moved my way up to Veterinarian Technician.  During this time, I spent much of my free time as an on-call Animal Rescue Officer for wildlife. After the Humane Society, I worked at a Veterinary Office for a year.  These experiences provided me with skills, and experience in both helping and observing animals in distress.  I am very patient and can offer the type of tender love and compation that is needed for animals in pain or with medical needs.   I am trained and certified in Pet CPR and First. 

 In 1997 I opened a home to care for foster animals.  Having a relationship with the three Humane Societies in my area, I was able to take in hard to place animals, whose fate would have been questionable.  I was able to provide these animals with the care and stability they needed to heal, whether their issues were physical or emotional.  

By 2000 I cared for almost 30 dogs and cats, each having their own space to call home--be it a bed, a couch, or perch.  Each had their own bowl with their own special diet. Training the animals to interact without conflicting with each other was a specific challenge. However, through solid routine and consistency I was able to maintain ongoing peace and harmony.

In 2005 I relocated to Phoenix.  Due to circumstances I was unable to own or care for a dog of my own.  But this has not squelched my love for them or need to have them in my life.  That is when I decided to provide my services as an in-home pet sitter.   I have several regular long-term customers who consider me part of their family.  This is because I pay attention to detail, quickly build a rapport with animals, and have a sincere desire to be of service.  Animals sense when their owners are about to leave for a trip. But for my regular four legged friends, this stress turns to excitement when they see me come to their home.  They know it is a time for fun outings, games, and cuddles.  ​​

If you are looking for a pet sitter, please do not hesitate to call or email.  I will set a time to meet so that you and your pet have the opportunity to meet with me and decide for yourself.  I am confident you will be glad you did.